Natural pig farming believes in higher welfare pig farming

Central to the natural pig farming philosophy is the belief that pig welfare matters (in-fact all farm animal welfare matters!). We raise profitable great tasty pork through respecting the pig and its behavioral needs. Our pigs are raised with love and slaughtered with a compassionate concern to minimise any distress.

We are totally opposed to any kind of knowing cruelty or disregard to the core needs of the pig. Because of this we are fundamentally opposed to the way our society chooses to raise pork. The factory farming systems used in today's pork production are an affront to our own common humanity and to our duty of care towards sentient beings. It is evil, pure and simple. We are all implicated - our governments that make the laws that permit such evil, and us, the people who are aware that these obscenities are being carried out in our name yet do nothing to stop it. And it is an evil that must be stopped.

This natural farming pig site therefore actively promotes action that opposes the present way society chooses to allow its pork to be raised. Please support the campaigns and organisations below that are fighting to improve pig (and other farm animal) welfare.

Campaigns that need your support RIGHT NOW

At least 9 EU Member States breaking sow stall ban

Posted October 2013

EU sow stalls: The suffering continues ...

According to data from the European Commission, as few as 13 EU Member States may be fully compliant with the ban on sow stalls that came into force in January 2013. Take action today – demand an end to this illegal cruelty.

This abuse of pigs and abuse of EU rules has to stop. Please use this link to send an email to the EU Agricultural Ministers of the 9 law breaking countries to demand strict enforcement of the sow stall ban. Thanks.



Posted July 2013: 

Sign this petition asking the European Agriculture Ministers to enforce E.U. law and give pigs a better life. The pig industry in Europe continue to flout with immunity European Union pig welfare legislation. This latest investigation by CIWF (Compassion in World Farming) into pig farming in Italy found all too common a situation. They looked at 11 representative pig farms and found deplorable conditions that left even the hardened investigators shocked. 

Please watch the video and sign the petition




Posted 28th July 2013: The CIWF investigations into pig treatment reveals yet more flouting of E.U. welfare laws and pigs living in awful conditions. They visited five Irish pig farms. Unfortunately what they found shows the reality of what happens when you factory farm. It's ironic that at the time of the investigations Ireland held the EU Presidency – and the Irish Government was making a show of taking the lead on animal welfare.  They found:

  • Pigs living in pens inches deep in excrement
  • Fly infestations due to the filthy conditions
  • Pigs covered in scratch marks caused by fighting
  • Widespread tail docking
  • Open wounds caused by tail-biting
  • Bored pigs chewing dead animals left in their pens
  • Weak and emaciated pigs left to die in corridors
  • Pigs in ‘hospital pens’ apparently just abandoned to die
  • ‘Dead bins’ full of pigs of all ages.
Go here to see the video and photographs. Please sign the petition on that page.




Posted July 2013:

This is a campaign to reverse European Union legislation that in 2001 banned the feeding of catering food waste to pigs. The initial ban was designed to last just 12 months and was part of an over-reaction to a foot and mouth outbreak in the U.K. With over 30% of food today wasted and deep buried the feeding of vast quantities of catering waste food to pigs makes a lot of sense. Let's use this discarded food rather than wastefully throw it away. As a pig raiser myself I know just how much pigs enjoy real food rather than the bland, unnatural processed powder feed they must now endure. Please read more about the issue and add your name to this petition.

Add your voice - help these fine organisations fight for higher farm animal welfare

Compassion in World Farming is a globally respected lobbying and campaigning organisation that has been extremely successful in improving farm animal welfare. Through a strategy of working directly with the food industry and retailers whilst actively lobbying and campaigning to public and law makers alike to push for a more humane approach to the way we raise our food they are making a real and significant impact to the cause of farm animal welfare.

Compassion in World Farming are extremely active and effective in fighting for farm animal welfare and make it very easy for you to add your voice and support for their campaigns. Please sign up for their email newsletter so you can receive regular information about their campaigns and appeals. Do the right thing, now!


I really respect Viva (Vegetarians International Voice for Animals) for its passionate and uncompromising fight against the cruelty of factory farming. You don’t have to be vegetarian (I’m not) to appreciate and support their activities against factory farm practices. Please sign up for the email newsletter that will make you aware of the latest campaigns tat you can add your voice to. 



The Soil Association is the U.K.'s world renowned organic farm organisation that promotes the production of food using environmentally and animal friendly farming methods. It is active in campaigning against a dramatic escalation of industrial pig farming in the U.K. and in promoting their higher welfare alternative. Sign up for their newsletter so you can add your support to their campaigns for higher farm animal welfare.



Pig Business is a film and campaign produced by the organisation Farms Not Factories that supports people across the world campaigning against factory pig farming – A system that abuses animals, threatens our health by overusing antibiotics, destroys rural communities, and pollutes the air and water. Sign up for their newsletter and keep informed on what is going on.

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