Natural pig farming in practice

There are many aspects to the natural pig farming system of raising pigs. Below we cover each in detail outlining what exactly we do and how the methods we use differ from those used to produce the vast majority of our pork today. We label these alternative systems factory farming but it really covers the factory farming mentality that is endemic in most forms of pig farming today. By contrasting natural pig farming with the factory farming approach we hope to better enable you to appreciate the welfare improvements natural pig farming offers its pigs and the operational and environmental benefits it gives to the producer.

Encourages natural interaction with other pigs and their environment



Maximizes pig contentment through facilitating natural behavior activity



Ensures health and well-being through sympathetic husbandry


Provides the healthy environment and support that promotes pig health




Ensures healthy growth and tasty meat through enlightened feeding practice



Ensures stress-free slaughter and produces lean tasty pork



Is a system that protects and nurtures the natural environment

The better way to raise pigs