What is natural pig farming?

Natural farming is a philosophy of farming that looks to work with nature and the natural world to raise livestock and crops in a profitable, higher animal welfare, low environmental impact way. 

Natural pig farming is bases its philosophy on natural farming. It promotes a low cost, high profit, high pig welfare, non environmental polluting system of raising healthy pigs using a deep bed sty flooring system. It puts pig welfare at the heart of its system to provide a high welfare, healthy environment that focuses on respecting a pigs natural behavioral needs. It is designed to enable pigs to carry out core natural behavior within a real world environment even though they are raised in pens.

Key components

The key components of the natural pig farming system of raising pigs include:

  • An philosophy that puts high pig welfare at the heart of operational practice

  • Deep pen bed of manipulable material that:
    • helps act (via the aid of micro-organisms) a rapid breakdown of fecal matter
    • provides a stimulating pig environment that allows for their natural rooting behavior

  • Open, low stock density group housing pens with stable family groupings that guarantee no pig vice issues

  • Non-external polluting system for handling animal waste

  • Natural ventilation and air circulation from open sided buildings that allow outside environment to regulate air flow and temperature (fresh air, sunshine, breeze)

  • Feed regime that includes fresh fodder foods

  • No systematic cruelty or pig mutilation:
    • No teeth clipping, tail docking, nose ringing
    • No imprisonment of sows in sow stalls or farrowing crates
    • No routine use anti-biotics or growth promoters

In short, through respecting the behaviorial needs of our pigs and using the positive power of natures processes we raise healthy contented pigs in a high profit, low cost system.